9M 80W High Brightness single and double arm Solar Street Light

Short Description:

Power: 80W

Material: Die-cast Aluminum

LED Chip: Luxeon,Cree,Bridgelux,3030

Light Efficiency: >170lm/W

CCT: 3000-6500k

Viewing Angle: 120°

IP: 66

Working Environment: 30℃~+70℃

Product Detail

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Products Advantage

1.Working Mode: LED Lamp work 12hours(factory setup), 4hours lightens 100%, 4hours 50%, 4hours 30% and work sequence in view of specific need for different customer;
2.Luminaire 120°wide lighting angle, Support 3-7 nights after full charged, Easy to install and Auto on/off;
3.Solar Bracket Angle design.
In order for the solar cell module to receive as much solar radiation as possible in a year, we need to choose an optimal Angle for the solar cell module.Generally at 15-30 degrees.
4.All Parts are CE certified, with high quality level meeting European standards.
5.IP66 rainproof structure is safe and reliable, and alloy material is used as the main body of the structure, which has good anti rust and anti-corrosion functions.
6.Adopt high-capacity and long-life (Class A) brand-new lithium battery with good high-temperature characteristics and long service life to ensure the service life of the whole product.

Product Parameters

PIC Item 80W

Power 80w
LED Chip Cree/Bridgelux/Philips Brand
Light Efficiency >120lm/w-140Lm/w
CCT 3000-6500K
Viewing Angle 120°
IP 65
Working Environment: 30℃~+70℃
PIC Item 120w Mono Solar Panel 2pcs